Facts about pensions agreement
OPSEU pushed back – and got an agreement. Thanks to the action taken by its members, OPSEU has maintained control of its public sector pension plans. Learn more about the pensions agreement between the Government of Ontario and OPSEU: visit the FACTS page for full details.

News Release: OPSEU reaches agreement on public sector pensions
The Ontario Public Service Employees Union has reached an agreement with the Government of Ontario to maintain joint control of pension plans and ensure their viability over the coming years. Read the full story…

Pushing back
OPSEU members are fighting Dalton McGuinty’s plan to take over their pension plans. And they’re making a difference.

OPSEU members have the power to stop a government takeover of their pension plans, thousands heard on two “telephone town hall” meetings Monday night. Some 18,000 OPSEU members joined four telephone calls held Sept. 20 and 24. Read the full story…

Dalton McGuinty failing Ontario on pensions
Ontario has problems.

One of them is with pensions.

Most people don’t even have one.

So, why doesn’t Dalton McGuinty fix problems instead of creating a new one?

How do you trust a Premier who will do whatever it takes to get a majority government, but won’t help you get or safeguard a decent retirement income?

We need to make progress in Ontario.

Progress moves at the speed of trust.

And we can’t trust Dalton McGuinty.


  1. Steve says:

    Keep your hands of my freakin’ pension, McSquinty!

  2. Sheila Kimmel says:

    I’m confused.

    My letter from OPT tells me on retirement, I will qualify for benefits such as: dental, health, hospital, hearing and vision. I understand these benfits are dependent upon the result of OPSEU bargaining per contract.

    Your fact sheet states for retired members “no one can take your benefits away”.

    The McGuinty government has tabled a bill to have the power to gut benefits, which the Tories want to extend to the OPS. Assuming something of that nature does get passed or exists in another form (here’s the question):

    1. Members who are retired will have their benefits affected?
    2. Members who are retired will have their benefits frozen at the current pre-gutted rate (and not be affected)?

    Please explain. Thanks.

  3. Jean Claude says:

    Well hello, Mr. McDiscusting, stop kissing people’s asses for the wrong reasons. Do the right thing; why is it that nobody has the guts to do what is right anymore, it should be for the people. We take care of providing services to meet the needs of the people, but you don’t take care of us. You are all corrupt and when we have questions, you give us jargen. We work for our pension so that one day we can relax and not work; don’t you want to do the same. Take your job seriously and stop fooling around. You are not an integral person. How do you sleep at night knowling that you are screwing people over left right and centre. Now start making the right deccisions. What jjwould your mother and father say about the corrupt world you live in? Didn’t they teach you to do the right thing. The bad decisions you make will only corrupt you deep inside, however the unfortunate side of it is, that it will affect our lives. Now people are hoping that you Mr. McDiscusting will do the right thing, and then you can get the respect of the people back; otherwise you will always be remembered as a sad pathetic man. Look at the big picture ‘Was this your vision as a child” that when you grow up you hope you can shit all over lots of people? If you decide to shit all over us then your just an ass. Even children have more common sense and would know what the right thing to do “Is”, do you Mr. McDiscusting. We’ll soon find out.

  4. Cindy Purvis says:

    I am so sick of Mcguinty! Too sum it up “What goes around comes around! Your days are numbered! My understanding is that he just got a 43, ooo dollars wage increase and when all is said and done there is a bonus of 300,000 awaiting him. Unbelievable!
    Snake in the Grass! People, when the next election rolls around, we all know who we “WON’T be voting for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Linda says:

    If we, the members, can make the decision on pensions for McGuinty, his ministers, d/ministers, assoc/exec managers, let’s talk !

  6. JACK SERATUYO says:

    Why does our government continue to pay a kings ransom to outside consultants to do work that civil servants can do?Just another example of the private sector bleeding the government daily and then the same people whine about government expenditures.If there was ACCOUNTABILITY in every level of government there would be no fiscal crisis.Keep your filthy hands off my pension money Corporate Canada.

  7. Linda says:

    I do not want the McGuinty government involved in my workplace pension at all. I don’t believe they have any right to interfere!

  8. Linda Faraday says:

    Premier McGuinty, keep your hands off my pension. You cannot even manage the government budget. We have layoffs, yet my unit hires a temp? How exactly is that saving money?

    I guess you did it by freezing wages, 22 years with the government, outside consultants come in at a cost of how much and decide to downgrade the work we do. Down a level we go and won’t get any kind of raise until the level below me catches up to my salary and with a freeze on wages coming up, just how long will it be until I see any money?. Mismanagement all the way and now you want me to trust you with my pension? Think again. I will do whatever it takes to keep your hands out of our money.

    It is time to do to the Provincial Liberals what was done to the Federal Liberals. If you don’t keep your greedy hands to yourself, next time around there will be no Liberal party in Ontario.

  9. John says:

    Leave our pensions alone! Government has a huge track record of mismanaging money; Provincial and Federal deficits year after year, CPP underfunding, E-Health and ORNGE medical transport overspending to name a few examples. HOOPP has been posting positive returns for decades. If it AIN’T broke, don’t fix it!

  10. Karn says:

    Mr. McGuinty, I really believe that everyone is willing to do their part! However, when we see cabinet members that work for maybe 3 years (yes, some more than that), so be asked to step down and getting the type of pensions that they receive – something is out of line. We all work hard at our jobs, day after day and most of us have very little left over from our pays to put money away in RRSP or saving accounts. It takes everything we have to pay the continually rising hydro, electric, property taxes, etc. let alone help our children with the costs related to going to College or University. For that matter, the additional expenses needed in public and high school for our children to participate in events. You need to stop putting down the hard working employees in the public sector and the teachers. If there was not the front line people doing the enormous amounts of work with less help because of the cut backs there would be no need for the corporate managers that get their big bonuses. Enough of the huge pay outs for people being let going like in the “e-health”, etc. This is why the province is in the financial state it is in. You can not spend money you do not have and you can not keep taking it from othere pots before all the pots are empty. Leave the working class with the pensions that they have worked so hard for. Maybe we will be able to retire with a little bit of respect and maybe before we are 80.

  11. Angela DeVries says:

    I have continued to work for the government plus have bought back my pension from previous years just so I can have a pension when I get older. It’s my money. I have worked hard for 30 years and you had better not mess with my money. Stop picking on us hard working citizens. We need to live too.

  12. Loretta Ash says:

    I retired four years ago @ age 68 after 23 yrs service with Hastings County Social Services – prior to that from age 15 I worked all over Canada due to military postings
    & never built up a pension other than CPP – Keep your hands off McGuinty – when I retired I was unable to afford the MROO Extended Health Benefits – two weeks ago
    Cancer diagnosis – medication was $ 411.00 & not covered by Ont Govt – more & more
    drugs are being taking off the covered list by McGuinty so we must all stand strong & fight for what is right. This Newfie is definitely ready to fight McGuinty for what is rightfully ours.

  13. Mark Sabada says:

    My pension is my only asset after my divorce. You mismanaged the local
    Economy with Ehealth ,scare ambulance, you dumped a quarter of a billion
    dollars for plants you don’t bill. You screwed up, we ‘re not illiterate peasants
    and we are on to you and your corporate welfare cronies.
    This is my money not yours. Rein in the corporations , start buying
    from local firms. Corporations need to serve the commnitty
    they have the privilege to operate in. We the people ate the
    The targeting of union activists before contract negotiations
    demonstrates lack of fairness and bad faith. No more feudalism, every
    man a king , every woman a queen. We are not serfs for corporations.
    What you are doing is intolerable. The people are sovereign.
    I plan on boycotting businesses that are anti labor and projects
    That I see as pork barrels like panam games until your supporters abandon you.

  14. Sylvie says:

    Maybe someone should threaten to take the Premier’s pension away and see what he thinks. . . or perhaps there should be a salary freeze for all those cabinet members … why are they picking on the hard working people all the time…

  15. Marie Pellerin says:

    Don’t steal my pension. I have travelled three hours
    A day to my job for 25 years. I am the
    main job earner in my family.

    We have saved very little and are counting
    On our pension desperately!

  16. Joe Ferreira says:

    I have been out on strike two times. If Dalton thinks that i won’t strike again for a third time he has another thing coming. KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF MY PENSION DALTON!

  17. Mike says:

    I’ve seen how the government handles our pension money years ago. When they controlled our pension fund, we lost money. Since Opseu took over the fund we have finally had a return on our investments made to the plan.
    It is industry standard for a pension bases on a one for one funding. We are not asking for more, but to maintain a pension that retired members can count on for years to come.

    Mr. McGuinty, Mr Hudak Hands off our pension.!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. marc says:

    Fight for what is right , but don’t forget to pray:-)

  19. Ted Stacey says:

    Dont trust Mcguinty We work hard for our pension so leave them alone ,

  20. KP says:

    So Mr. McGuinty, when are you and the fiberals giving up part of your pensions as well? Yeah, that’s what I thought. I cannot believe this would be legal first of all and it’s definitely immoral and disgusting to even think of taking away money from our pensions. He must be smoking something funny. Bad enough we lose so much of our income to income tax thanks to the government, but now they dare to reduce our pensions that we have worked so hard for and count on to barely let us survive in retirement? I think not. He’s in for a huge fight and he has lost the vote from every single civil service union member.

  21. Diane Wark says:

    Yes! We members work hard! Those pensions we deserve! Leave our pensions alone!

  22. John Anderson says:

    This is not the first time Governments of all stripes at both the provincial and federal levels have dug or attempted to dig their hands into pension fund surpluses, even CPP and EI as well as others to finance among other things their politically ambitious pet projects, in some cases recoup money they have already misappropriated elsewhere such as the “E HEALTH FUNDS” or to simply go on a spending spree using funds they connivingly and deceptively perceive as being “Public Funds”

    Therefore the message to our MPPs needs to be very clear. Hands off our retirement savings; hands off our pensions. If we collectively send this message and also show some legal muscle, they will definitely have no choice but keep their dirty hands away from the till. I personally not only intend to make this well known to my MPP but also those at the federal level; that they can count on losing my vote in the next election both at the provincial and federal elections if they attempt to steal our pension funds, whichever way they try to frame or craft their deceptive ambitions of a larger pension pool. It is the member’s fund and funded by member’s contributions. We are aware of their dirty games. Members cannot afford to be complacent. Complacency is all that often holds our collective back. The Government always counts and puts their hopes on complacency among members to achieve their grabbing objective.

    Please do not be complacent. Do not let Dalton steal your hard-earned pension funds you wisely saved for retirement.


  23. Ken Johnston says:

    I listend in on the town hall meeting 24/09/2012. I agree that our pensions should not be touched. One comment made by Smokey referred to pensions for younger workers. And I believe Mr Grimaldi commented that the way to reduce the deficit is to create jobs. My issue is this; There needs to be legislation and or collective agreement language that stops people from collecting thier pensions and then being rehired by their employers as contact employees , effectively keeping young people out of the workforce and not helping to cut the deficit due to the large number of young people being kept out of the workforce.

    • Cass says:

      As a younger worker and only 3 years into paying for OMERS, I just want to be reassured that my money will actually BE THERE when it comes time to retire. Unfortunately if the government gets their hands on it, it will dissapear as it has proven to do so in past history. Given the choice I would rather run my own fund where I am in control of it.

      • MICKEY says:

        Good points you’ve both raised, I of course share very similar concerns. I wish to include that as a worker in his lower prime and still decades left till retirement my concerns include THE PRIVATIZATION OF GOVERNMENT SERVICES taking good paying jobs and handing them over to profiteers who will be operating ‘for profit’ (in the long run I can’t see how that is a benefit for the public), paying their employees less and taking more. Further, NOT IF, BUT WHEN THIS HAPPENS THERE WILL BE LESS OPS EMPLOYEES PAYING INTO THE CURRENT PENSION!!!
        Do you all follow!!!!
        All of the baby boomers will have retired soon, there are MANY of them already pulling from the pension fund, then drastically shrink the pension fund contributions by ridding the ops of staff (how I just ‘so’ enjoy they call us “assets” instead of ‘human beings’) by virtue of privatization. The way the Gov’t is going the majority of the OPS may just be made up of employees that are managing contracts and working on projects. And the scary thing is, it is going to happen, government services are going private folks! They are getting out of the people management game and turning it over to the vultures.
        When it is our turn were going to be up the creek! No pension, No CPP, If the Mcguilty Gov’t doesn’t get it, the baby boomers will…
        CAN someone please convince me otherwise?

    • Lynda says:

      Ken, you are absolutely correct in bringing forward this point. I work for a community college and this practice is rampant. Retirement here is a bit of a joke because within 6 months you see retirees once again walking the halls, obviously working in positions that could easily be staffed by younger employees.

  24. Norm Mero says:

    The importance of having a Defined Benifit compared to having a contribution style pension is so important because it defines what we will receive and it’s based on a formula ie.. Years of service , your best five year a average wage ect.
    Now if a contributuon plan were to be implemented and if the markets dropped then we would have less in out fund. So it would not be guarenteed as to how much we would have. Having a defined benifit index also protects us against Inflation. Another difficulty that needs to be addressed is or those members like myself who are divested from one plan. We gave up a lot and our funds were frozen ad that defined benifit was not permitted to be grouped then back in 1998 so why should it be now?
    Just how will all the power and money managers fight for its members? It’s out money PEOPLE remember this. It goes in out hands once it’s earned. It belongs to us.
    The Fiberals have no right to touch it. Take them out of office and jail them for theft I say if they try.

  25. Candice says:

    POST if you HEAR BACK from your MPP! If you do send a letter to your MPP, please post if you hear anything back from them. I sent my letter to my MPP, Deb Matthews, and McGuinty, plus the following people back in mid August, and STILL have not heard ANYTHING from anyone of the following from ALL parties:
    Dwight Duncan, Minister of Finance
    Donna Cansfield, Parliamentary Assistant to Finance Minister
    Michael Prue, Finance Critic for the New Democratic Party
    Peter Shurman, Finance Critic for the Progressive Conservative Party
    Andrea Horwath, Leader of the New Democratic Party of Ontario
    Tim Hudak, Leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario

    • JACK SERATUYO says:

      Good luck getting any response from a MPP or MP in this country.I have been waiting since March this year to hear anything back from my MP ,he must be busy cutting Federal jobs and partying with OIL COMPANY big shots.
      These people should be PRIVATIZED.

  26. Canuck1963 says:

    I’m wondering why it’s alright for the government to break its end of our collective bargaining contract whenever it feels like it. Clearly, this document means NOTHING to them, and seem to feel that they can back out of it at will. Well, okay then. If this is the case, then why isn’t the ENTIRE OPS walking the bricks right now in a wild-cat? The second that this government passed its recent legislation against the teachers and THEN came gunning for the pensions of the rest of us……we should have thrown down the gauntlet, and walked. Boom. Just like that. And it should have stayed that way, until Dalton smartens up and goes after his corporate donors.

  27. Sandra Sills says:

    I have 4 and 1/2 years to go to my retirement. I am not about to let Dalton and his gang take over my pension so they can pay down the deficit they have created. With a wage freeze looming that is going to affect my pension for the next two years. Maybe if he could find that 25 million that disappeared in the “ORANGE Scandal” along with other bad decisions they have made they woudn’t be looking to steel our pensions.

  28. Sharon says:

    Before I was a member of OPSEU as a health care worker, I was a member of OPSEU as a meat wrapper with Dominion Stores. Conrad Black tried to steal our pensions then and look what has happened to him since!

  29. Jacqueline Hingley says:

    Like the others who have expressed how hard they have worked for all these years to get a full pension, I too have worked for 20 years and saved as much in the pension plan as possible so that at the end of it all, my, and my family’s, lifestyle won’t be on skid row! I am unclear as to how McGinty can take our pension money when it is in our names and we can’t even get it until we retire. I think we all need to “steal” his government penion so he won’t have anything at the end of his career. I agree with the comments above – he has changed parties and now is in the communist party. PS – I enjoyed the town hall presentation last night.

  30. Doug Osmond says:

    Since when did Dalton McGuinty and Dwight Duncan become members of the Communist Party.
    COMMUNISM: The form of Government professing to be working toward this stage by means of state planning and control of the economy, a one party structure, and an emphasis on the requirements of the state than on individual liberties.
    Dalton has buried this province. He has taken away the right to strike and now he wants to take over OUR pensions. That money will end up going into his pocket and not ours. Soon there will be no pension money because he will probably use it to pay off some other debt. As it stands now politicians can collect a pension at 55 years old after putting in only 4 years service where we have to have factors in place such as years service and age.
    A politician is voted in by the people for the people. Dalton does not confer with the people but rather does what he thinks will be better for himself.
    Hopefully, us quite, passive CANADIANS will stand up and scream and bring this great province of ours to a standstill if Dalton tries to take control.

  31. Guy Rouleau says:

    This matter has got me concerned to the point where I’m involuntarily making typo mistakes. (See post above)

    Past president – local 426

  32. John Jacquemain says:

    Thank you for your efforts at delaying legislation on the government take over of our OPSEU pensions, and your ongoing work in supporting better pensions for Ontario workers. Your conference call was very helpful and I intend to contact my MPP and the Premier’s office about this issue.

  33. Jennifer says:

    I received the telephone invitation at 8:20pm so unfortunately I missed the first 20minutes… I found the entire tele-town hall event very helpful. It has shed much light on this critical issue of protecting our Pensions. I have a better understanding about what McGuinty is planning to do with my Pension. I’ll be talking it up with everyone in my circles, following the story on this website… and I’ll be sending a letter to my MP.
    Thank you for offering this – I’ll tune in again.
    In solidarity,

  34. Frances Lamont says:

    I have less that 4 year before I can retire. I work for ServiceOntario. Not only am I worried about my pension, I am worried about privatization and losing my job and not having a pension. I don’t have a lot of money saved being a single parent of a 17 year old boy. Everyone I have talked to feels that same way I do. Everybody is scared. Long gone are the days when having a government job was safe.

  35. Peter Throop says:

    I just bought back my pension I am now wondering if it was a good idea .Let me know

  36. Steve BRENNAN says:

    I would like some more information on the subject on how my pension is going to be effected. Leave my PENSION ALONE DALTON!!!

  37. Darrell says:

    I am surprised that government can legislatively undermine fairly negotiated collective bargaining agreements for two reasons: firstly, it tips the scale of justice unfairly in the governments favour causing hardship its employees and secondly, it undermines employees charter rights to a fairly negotiated agreement. It’s only fair to chnage things if its a new contract or both parties agree to the chnage for benefit of all concerned.

  38. Owen Duffy says:

    Leave my pension plan alone I have seen over the years how you uandeax dollars don’t do the same to my pension. Keep your grubby paws off my money.
    oOwen Duffy

  39. Barbara Zabel says:

    What accomodation are you providing for those members that are deaf or hard of hearing and cannot use a telephone? How will our voices be heard?

  40. Lynda Myatt says:

    leave our pensions alone

  41. bill black says:

    the only reason to work in the public sector is for the pension, I have been a hospital employee for 22 years and I will be dependant on my pension income when I retire. As everyone in Ontario my contributions to my RRSP’s have been limited as a result of my pension. To take this pension income away would be completely unfair and would significantly decrease my ability to live above the poverty line if my pension is decrease of gone. I have played by the rules now it is time for the government to play by the rules and leave the pension in the hands of those whom can manage if effectively. I would suggest the government curb unnessary spending and they should be held accountalbe for billion dollar failures such as e-health and the ornge fiasco. Again I repeat keep away from pensions earned by dececnt hard working individuals, we have earned them.

  42. kathleen bates says:

    I am working eveing shift on Thursday, Sept. 20th. My husband will listen to the phone message for me. I worked to hard to get a pension and so close to be leaving, to loose it now.

  43. Tracey Newton says:

    I have worked extremely hard for my pension and the the thought that anyone, much less my government can step in and take what I have worked my whole life for has shamed me. My father and grandfather fought for my rights under collective bargaining and to have my government come in and disgrace their memory leaves a black eye on Canada and it is abuse by our government, We all must stand up for our rights no matter who tries to abuse us with their power. Leave My Pension Alone!

  44. Donna says:

    I just received an e-mail for the Region 5 Tele Town Hall and it states the date as Monday Sept 24 but then later in the e-mail it states:
    8 – 9 pm Thursday Sept. 24, 2012.

    Is it Monday or Thursday?

  45. Candice Lawrence says:

    I sent the following letter to my MPP, Deb Matthews, over a month ago, and copied a number of people in both PC and NDP parties and have not yet received ANY response from ANY of them. I am not impressed.

    August 11, 2012

    Dear Honourable Deb Matthews, M.P.P for London North Centre,

    I am a member of your riding and also a member of the CAAT Pension Plan (Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology). And I’m very worried about the McGuinty government’s threatened changes to my retirement savings.

    Premier Dalton McGuinty and Finance Minister Dwight Duncan claim they need to make significant changes to my pension plan. Their reasons for forcing changes are neither necessary nor acceptable. And they have failed to make a case to force changes to:
    • Ensure my plan is funded, stable, and viable.
    • Create a pension superfund the Liberals say will reduce management costs. Pension plans may be forced into the superfund.
    • End joint trustee representation for members and retirees, and employers and replace with forced management by ‘professional’ money managers.
    • Force benefit reductions for future retirees and forbid contribution increases;
    • Create an external dispute resolution process.
    • Force 50/50 funding on plans that have negotiated different funding splits.

    The CAAT Pension Plan is already:
    1. Well-funded, stable and viable.
    2. Large enough that it does take advantage of the cost savings of lower management fees and administration costs and are as low as can be reasonably expected in the financial industry;
    3. Managed by people who achieve better investment returns than funds managed by ‘professionals’ that Premier McGuinty and Minister Duncan want to control my plan.
    4. Established with funding strategies for sound, diversified investments and to protect capital and returns even throughout market downturns.
    5. Established as a jointly-trusteed plan with equal representation of worker and employer trustees who use an internal dispute resolution system to resolve potential conflict or disagreements.
    6. Funded 50/50 by members and employers unless otherwise negotiated.

    In short, my pension plan is doing just fine. And there is no need for Premier McGuinty and Minister Duncan to interfere with pension plans that are working well.

    I have worked at Fanshawe College in London for 25 years. I put part of every paycheque into my pension plan. The money my employer contributed was money I would otherwise have taken in wages, vacations, or other monetary increases. My workplace pension allows me sufficient retirement income so I will not be a burden to my family or the taxpayers when I retire.

    Because I put money into my retirement plan, I will have a pension of about $32,000 a year. It’s not a lot, I know. But it’s mine. And I worked hard for it.

    The McGuinty Liberals have no right to take control of my pension any more than they have a right to control bank accounts or pensions or RRSPs of any Ontarian.
    I’m asking you for three things:
    1. Try to imagine yourself in my place. What would you say if the McGuinty Liberals just decided to take over your pension savings, take away your say, and expected you to ‘just trust’ them?
    2. Be true to the oath you took when you were elected to represent the best interests of the people in your riding. Let Premier McGuinty, Finance Minister Dwight Duncan and his parliamentary assistant, Donna Cansfield, know that you will not support pension legislation that would take control over my retirement income.
    3. Speak up for people who have no workplace pension plan and too little coming to them from CPP and OAS.

    There is a problem with pensions – or the lack of them – in Ontario. But the problem is not with my pension plan. As of December 31, 2011, the CAAT Pension Plan, has 20,500 active members and 12,100 retirees, and has had steady growth. The average yearly pension is around $23,768. We have $5.6 billion in assets. We have a funding excess (actuarial assets minus liabilities) of $154 million.

    I look forward to hearing about your commitment to press Premier McGuinty and Minister Duncan to fix problems, not create new ones. I also look forward, as a member of your riding, in seeing you stand up for my rights, in ensuring that my pension plan is not subject to forced changes against my will, and that of all other CAAT pension plan members and pensioners of Ontario.


    Candice Lawrence, M.Ed., R.S.W.
    Faculty Member, Fanshawe College

    c.c. OPSEU Pensions Campaign (opseucommunicationsdepartment@opseu.org)
    Dalton McGuinty, Premier of Ontario
    Dwight Duncan, Minister of Finance
    Donna Cansfield, Parliamentary Assistant to Finance Minister
    Michael Prue, Finance Critic for the New Democratic Party
    Peter Shurman, Finance Critic for the Progressive Conservative Party
    Andrea Horwath, Leader of the New Democratic Party of Ontario
    Tim Hudak, Leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario

  46. Lynn Moore says:

    I worked hard all my life for my pension. I fought back from a triplebypass; a drainage and pericardial window on my heart; so I could retire with my full pension. Who the hell is this man to take what Ive worked so hard for; so he can line his employees and himselfes pockets with it. No other goverment has thought to do something so cruel and selfish! Enough is enough!

  47. Ian Knowles says:

    I am 50 years old, and a father of a young family of 4. I have been working since age 15, but none of the jobs in which I worked offered a pension. Last year I was hired as a full-time professor, and for the first time I was in a job that provided a pension.

    I have 1 year vested in the pension, and I hope to continue until I am 70 and eligible for retirement and a full pension. It distresses me to know that now that I have finally garnered a way to support my family after retirement that the Ontario government wants to reduce or take this away. Why? Why me?

  48. Pat says:

    And, why, exactly, is it the Government’s job to create and/or manage someone’s pension JUST because they’re employed by the Government, when the REST of the working class has to figure it out on their own.
    And, considering the Government’s, provincial OR federal, track record in managing money over the last 50 years, this is the mechanism/approach the people want in managing their retirement funds ?!?!

    Oh, I guess CPP and OAP is supposed to support people into the “lifestyle” they have lived ?!?! Considering that the average Canadian is spending 150% of what they’re making, I think not.

    That’s what the RRSP and TFSA plans are there for.

    The fact that 90% of Canadians haven’t had the benefit of Financial education or access to an ethical financial advisor axed to the client’s benefit rather than theirs plays a heck of a lot more into the situation than anything the Government might decide.

    Why is it that when things don’t go the way people want or expect, the FIRST reaction is to point in someone ELSE’s direction, not noticing the 3 fingers pointing back and the complainee… people need to take back CONTROL of their Financial futures, and NOW.

  49. Christine Crawford says:

    I’ve worked 30 years towards retirement and my pension-all of it. Hands off my pension Mr. McGuinty!

  50. Brian Nicholls says:

    Why hasn’t anyone mentioned the fact that the last time the Government had control over our pensions 25 years ago they bankrupted it. That is why we now have majority control over our own pension plan.
    This is obviously another attempt for the Maguinty government to get that control again so they can use our hard earned funds for their own agenda and leave our pension plan in ruins. B. Nicholls

  51. Ricahrd Kucharski says:

    Premier McGuinty is burning up our public resources like a forest fire burns trees. His only goal appears to be a majority government. A majority in this case would give him the wind he needs to burn up our province’s resources at a faster rate.

    This reminds me of the desparate antics of Adolf Hitler at the end of World War 2 after he destroyed a nation and would just not give up on his hunger for power. However, instead of throwing children into the front lines, Premier McGuinty is pushing our pensions into the line of fire. Whichever way you look at it, the vulnerable will pay the price of mistrust.

    Perhaps the next private toll highway should be named ‘Dalton’s Way’. It can lead to a dead end.

  52. Denis Seguin says:

    Leave my dam pension alone…get your own !!

  53. brian vincent says:

    maybe the house of commons and the voted members could reduced the pensions they receive. seems they are overpaid, under-worked, PUBLIC ELECTED officials that scream for more and more, and constantly deliver less each year. The government (our Publicly Elected Officials) that put the country in the position its currently in. Let them take a cut in wages and get ride of the over paid pensions they collect. none of them are worth it, far less earn it !

  54. Douglas Barker says:

    I have been retired from Ontario Ministry of Health since May..2008. When I see and hear information that this government will take control of my,and my wife’s pensions, I think to myself that this can’t happen, and I am definitely angry about it. We served this province for many years, and now we are faced with trying to keep an incompetent Premier from getting his hands on our pensions. I must admit as well, that I am not clear at this point just exactly what their plan is, and how it will influence pensions of retirees like us. Feedback on this would be appreciated. Doug and Jennifer Barker

  55. Linda says:

    I do not trust Mcguinty with money, and do not want his dirty hand on the pension fund.

  56. gord cresswell says:

    dont touch our pensions for the retirees and the working people

  57. Garry besserer says:

    the ontc pensioner are not sure if our pensions are safe. Do we as pensioner, now have to go and look for jobs?

  58. Lil Pup says:

    Perhaps public servants should ask for the same treatment as the auto workers? Have 100% of the pension supplied by the employer? In this manner the government can have all the money in the trust right now to give to liberal friendly organizations, any the pensions will be covered by general revenue. In this fashion the employees don’t need to pay into the pension plan any more and the employer has to find the money to keep the pension at levels equal to that of tday.

    • laima o'sullivan says:

      Is OPSEU investigating private sector hiring/takeover and why those particular companies are getting the contracts and our people are being let go?How is McGuinty benefitting? This should be put out in a public announcement so that the public are aware of the collusion with big business/multinationals and our prov govt, continuing Mike Harris’ legacy

      • Karn says:

        Mr. McGuinty, I have no problem doing my part as long as everyone, like yourself and all of the cabinet members do theirs. Start with their pensions which is more money that most of us could every hope for. We work all our lives, ,20plus years in many cases to have the small pensions that we have. Also enough of these hugh pay outs and pay off for people who are asked to step down or retire. No one is worth that kind of money – no wonder the province is broke. You can not ask workers to take a cut or freeze in pay when CEO’s are getting bonuses off the backs of the hard working front line workers.